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Ready to rent a property?


  1. Please read the requirements below. 

  2. Once you have read the below, click the download application button to apply for one of our fantastic Lake Michigan Homes

  3. Anticipate a contact back within 5 business days

Not permitted

We are obliged to do business with you.  In maintaining our properties and the best experience for all tenants, there are a few things we do not permit on property.

  1. Pets are not permitted at any Lake Michigan Homes properties

  2. Smoking is not permitted at any Lake Michigan Homes properties 

Thank you for understanding

Occupant limits

Lake Michigan Homes holds limits on occupants.  Please be sure to email us if you have any questions about the number of people permitted to dwell in the residence you are renting. 

What to expect when I leave the property

Attached below is a moving out check list.  It includes typical maintenance and cleaning designed to help you maximize the security deposit that is returned to you if / when you move out.  

Don't forget important documents

With your completed application, please submit the following documents with your application:

  1. Last 2 paystubs

  2. Copy of verification on any other income you are counting on

  3. Previous land lords phone #

  4. Signed application

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